Can you go to the store, http://store.cigarfederation.com/, and if you are using a desktop/laptop to view the store do you see a little red circle in the bottom right hand corner?

If you do or don't let me know in the comments below. I am testing out some new software and want to see if it is working.



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I see a red circle with a bell in it, asking if I want to subscribe to notifications. 

Thanks homie. Hopefully you subscribed :)

Is it the same subscription that you send out from doing reviews?  All I know is I get pretty much everything from you guys that comes via email.  :)

Negative. This is a website push which will show up as a notification in your browser when you are online. Testing it to do exclusive one time promos, and samplers. This way it keeps the amount of email send down.

Ahh, in that case I will check it again when I get home.  Gotta be careful with the work computer.  They're weird about certain things.  :D

I did!!

the button is there and the lovely pop up window popped up and drew my attention to it as well...

Wonderful. I am glad to see it is working. Thanks for letting me know boss.


No red circle for me

Me either - we are not special.....

Oh, you guys are special alright.....




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