We're up to Day 6 and we have another Stein up for grabs!

We have Terence on CigarChat tonight, so post a question below to be entered to win this Stein!

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Terence, What is your favorite beer?

Terence, what is your favorite vitola? 

Can you specify the which beers were in mind when Oktoberfest cigars were blended?

what is your favorite year and vitola of the Oktoberfest? No politically correct, "they're all good," but what is the best one you've had? 

Have you ever brewed your own beer?  

What made you name the cigar oktoberfest?

What is your favorite beer to pair the Oktoberfest with?


I keep trying to win one of those kick ass mugs - every damn day I fall short.  So, the question is this - Can I just buy one?

What blend characteristics are considered when you are blending to pair with a specific type of brew?

Not being a beer drinker, what was it about the Marzen style beer that you used to help you blend this years cigar so it would pair well?

Did you blend this years cigar with the Marzan style beer pairing in mind before the blending process started?

Nice...Smoke and "Brost!



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