We're up to day #3 in our 16 Days of Quesada Oktoberfest Giveaways!

We've got a LE Quesada Oktoberfest Stein up for grabs today!  

Answer the following question in the comments below for your chance to win!

You're sitting around with all your cigar buddies and everyone has a mug of ale in their hands... give us your best toast...

Contest closes at Midnight CST and the winner will be posted tomorrow on CigarFederation.com!

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To the good things in life: beer, cigars, coffee, good food, and friends. They keep the world from sucking outright.

Mr. G throws down the gauntlet... well said, my friend!

Love it J!

To long ashes and fine friends, here's to the best of the generation: Cheers to Cigar Federation!

Some say that I'm a man of few words... Cheers!

I can't think of any cute ones, so to quote my Australian buddy, "Drink Up, C****!"

Here is to the good days enjoying a cigar and the bad days working your ass off covered in sweat and bleeding.

Here's to Peace, Love, and Understanding! And "May you stay forever young".

"Down the hatch!"

Here's to you and here's to me, the best of friends we'll always be, if we should ever disagree, FVCK YOU and here's to me!  

It does not get any better than this

If we are talking.  We ain't  drinking!!



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