The Quesada Oktoberfest celebration continues!!!

Today we have a 5-pack of the Limited Edition 2015 Oktoberfest Double Boch up for grabs!

The Double Boch is one of the LE Nicaraguan Puro versions of the Oktoberfest.  Check out the Press Release for more details.

Post your answer to this question below for your chance to win!

Who would you share your 5-pack of Double Bock with?  

Give us a list of the 4 people you would smoke with.  It can be anyone ... alive or dead... famous or long lost friend from elementary school... 

Contest is open until Midnight CST and the winner will be announced tomorrow!

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This is a great contest. Teddy Roosevelt, Wyatt Earp, Winston Churchill and my Dad.

My Dad, one in a bomb, one to a buddy at the lounge, and Dirk Nowitzki because hes German ;-)

I'd herf em with my dad, Aristotle, the apostle Paul, and Thomas Aquinas. I know, I know...I'm weird...
My Grandfather, best pal Cole, Raul Julia and Delicia the Cigar Vixen.

I would smoke with Mark Twain, John Muir, Samuel Colt, and the first person who decided to roll up a tobacco leaf and smoke it.

I could think of a couple people I would share with, but rather the four would be enjoyed by anyone deployed.
As much as I would like to rattle of some big name educated guy from with in the industry, I don't think I will, because I wouldn't be able to focus enough to enjoy my smoke. I'd take four of my closet buddies from here at home and just sit around a bonfire and catch up because there is never enough time to do that it seems!

1. My buddy Justin

2. My brother

3. Jack Nicholson

4. Ronald Reagan

Uschi Obermeier, Curd Jürgens, Franz Beckenbauer, Jutta Speidel, Florian David Fitz all born in Germany Munich.

My sister, my son Jr, Donald Trump, Keith Richards
My brother Scott, my nephew Zakk, my buddy Ray and my wife.
Mick Jagger, Yo Yo Ma, Bruce Springsteen,Ringo Starr



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