The Quesada Oktoberfest celebration continues!!!

Today we have a 5-pack of the Limited Edition 2015 Oktoberfest Double Boch up for grabs!

The Double Boch is one of the LE Nicaraguan Puro versions of the Oktoberfest.  Check out the Press Release for more details.

Post your answer to this question below for your chance to win!

Who would you share your 5-pack of Double Bock with?  

Give us a list of the 4 people you would smoke with.  It can be anyone ... alive or dead... famous or long lost friend from elementary school... 

Contest is open until Midnight CST and the winner will be announced tomorrow!

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Easy. My brother Thomas, who loves both beer & cigars. My Pastor, Mark, who loves both beer and cigars. His brother, Paul, a cop, who, you guessed it, loves both beer and cigars. And finally, my long time buddy Steve, because he loves... cigarettes, and I want him to smoke enough good cigars to finally realize that his "tobacco" is crap. And he loves beer. And technically, cigars. He just needs more.

I'd share with my Dad, my Brother, my Brother-in-law, and my Father-in-law. It would be great to have an Oktoberfest beer and a smoke with my family.

My son, my brother, my best buddy and two left for me.

I would share my 5-pack of double bock with my cigfed friends docwill, 007m16, matt and logan!

I have to go with Fed heads
Bob. I know it's only 4 but the list can go on and on. Good luck everyone.

WInston Churchill

Ernest Hemingway

Steve Harvey

My brother

It is a a few months until Christmas, so screw this sharing stuff. Me, myself and I. But then I'd have to share one with Santa Claus to try and redeem myself for being so selfish.

Best response :)

WOW !!! Only four ? My son, my oldest brother (who passed in 1989), William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson !!!!

My Oma and Opa, my uncle, and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

My friends Abel, Ken and Victor and Groucho Marx
A random person I meet in a B&M who has never heard of the stick. Someone online who I bomb, will say that person would be cmbrose. My Pops. & my best bro Anton.



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