The Quesada Oktoberfest celebration continues!!!

Today we have a 5-pack of the Limited Edition 2015 Oktoberfest Double Boch up for grabs!

The Double Boch is one of the LE Nicaraguan Puro versions of the Oktoberfest.  Check out the Press Release for more details.

Post your answer to this question below for your chance to win!

Who would you share your 5-pack of Double Bock with?  

Give us a list of the 4 people you would smoke with.  It can be anyone ... alive or dead... famous or long lost friend from elementary school... 

Contest is open until Midnight CST and the winner will be announced tomorrow!

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I want to win this one.  I'd share with the other CF mods...except for Logan.  Rob would get one, Jerad would get one, John would get one, Seth would get one, and then I'd have one left for myself! Sorry, Logan!

Man... That's is a DAMN good response!

Ernest Hemingway, William Faulkner, Samuel Clemens, and Richard Pryor (as long as he doesn't set us all on fire).

George Burns, Winston Churchill, Alfred Hitchcock, and Fidel Castro.  All loved cigars and lived long lives despite their lifestyle of smoking, Fidel still alive at 89!  The stories these 4 could share, Epic!!

I'd enjoy these with both of my grandfathers (who were big time cigar men), my son (who's really learning the true "art of the cigar"), and the other with any random gentleman/lady who wouldn't mind just sitting down and enjoying a brief time listening to my grandfathers' wisdom, humor, and philosophy on treating people with respect and kindness. And of course hearing them talk about how much they paid for cigars "in their day".

Scott St. Martin, My Father, My grand-father, and my brother

winston churchill
mark twain
keith cochran
e a poe
adolph galland

I would share with my smoking buddy's: Russ, Christa, Joel and Rodney. They always give me cigars so i would like to return the favor.

I'd share these with anyone I could. Of course my brother,so I can get him off of cigarettes.

My pool friend who quit smoking cigarettes and has dove into Cigars...thanks to me.

My 2 close smoking buddies 

Thanks for the contest.

I would share with John F Kennedy, John Wayne, Mark Twain, and my dad!!

I'd split it with my smoking buddy Johnny from childhood

Definitely take these next door and smoke with my neighbor. My wife, his wife and a buddy of his that moved down here with them. They are Marine pilots and whenever I share cigars with them I always get to hear some really neat stories about their deployments.



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