Logan and Rob talked briefly this weekend (on the Stogie411 podcast) about this year's Project Manana fundraiser. When and where will cigar and $$$ donations happen?

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Give us some time, we are working on it now brother, info will come down the pipeline as we get ready to launch.

I'm all for it...so much so I decided to sell my house & possessions and move to the DR and partner with Project Mañana :)

Thanks for asking brother. With Matt out of town for the next few days and my baby coming on Tuesday (yes I am totally freaking out) we will probably launch in the next three weeks. We got a ton of support at IPCPR and already have about nine boxes donated. Look for something in the next two weeks with all the specifics.

Yeah, sorry for the delay.  We really wanted to get organized at IPCPR (and Logan and I have already had several conversations with Brian Berman of Project Manana) before we put together our final plans.

I'd look for this to begin in mid-August and run into September.  I promise you won't miss it.

Thanks and no worries!



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