So to have a little pre IPCPR fun I'm running a bit of a contest. The winner gets a bundle of Throwdown Lanceros.
I will be asking one question a day from now until the 7th the first person to answer correctly wins for the day at the end of the contest all the winners names go into a hat and I'll pull a name, said person gets the bundle....nice and easy.

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DAY 1. What was the first booth I went to at my First IPCPR. (Hint it was in 2015)

Tatuaje/My Father Cigars

Saka's booth? Also thanks for the cool contest!
Well that was quick...I'll have to make my next questions harder
DAY 2. How much did I spend for my Flights and Hotel for this year's IPCPR? (Rounded up to the nearest whole $10 amount i.e. $109 would be $110).
Yup that's harder lol
Way off...
This is still going


So close



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