If you could only fill your humidor with two brands, what would they be?

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I know I'd go with Illusione, but the second one is hard. I'd say Drew Estate for the heavy Maduros and Willy Herrera blends.

Ha, I wondered if that comment would spur a nice discussion.  :)

Illusione would definitely warrant a high possibility for me, but I would honestly say with the most high quality consistency, Warped and RoMa Craft.  I've yet to come across a bad cigar from either one of these companies.  The greatest part about that is neither company is all that large.  Instead, they focus on making quality products and it shows in each and every experience I've had.  The other part is both companies offer me completely different experiences with their lineup.  I'd never get bored.  

You knew it would spark this discussion, Doug! Those are both such good companies. Just like you, I haven't had a bad smoke from either. But Illusione was a shoo-in for me because I gravitate towards so many of their blends, but I was between Roma Craft and Drew Estate for the second. The DE lineup just gives me a little more variety, and I am a fan of every blend Willy Herrera has put out, especially the medium bodied Maduros.
Having said that, I would miss the Neanderthal so badly!

Rocky Patel and Drew Estate. I think between those two I could smoke a new cigar every day for a year. Also they each make a few really good cigars that I never get bored with smoking.

You would have a huge variety, that's for sure, Jason. Which are the top RP smokes? I haven't had the pleasure of any Rocky Patels as of yet.

Tabaquero , Prohibition, Royale and Decade are all really good.

Thanks, Jason.

Tatuaje and Padron. Boom goes the dynamite!

I like the way you think Jason

For me it would be Tatuaje & Illusione 

I need to explore more Tatuaje, based on these answers.

Ortega Series D #7 Maduro..not sure what the second brand would be.

I could probably spend days debating my choices, so I'm going to go with the first 2 that  came to mind.  RoMa and Tatuaje.



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