Now that I'm in the correct discussion area, forgive me I'm new to the forum game. Father's Day is coming up and I'm looking to treat myself to something a little more pricey. I've never been able to bring myself to buy a $40 cigar. Anywho which is better? Thanks!

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They are both great. Either way you can't go wrong.

As Ricky says, you can't really go wrong, Ty.  Both are fantastic cigars.  If we had 100 people reply to this post, I'm sure half would say they prefer the 1926 and half would say they prefer the 1964.

I suggest you get both...smoke one late night Saturday and one on Sunday and then come back and give us a review! ;)

Well...depends really. There is the 26, the 64, and the Family Reserve series which fall under both I think.  Here is what i will tell you.  The 26 is a bit darker and richer while the 64 is a tad spicier.  I like the 64, but either is fantastic. These lines typically fall into the $10-$20 ranges or slightly higher.  The Family Reserve is best in Maduro IMO.  The 85th, 45th, 40th, and 80th are all fantastic smokes in maduro and I have had, or have all of them.  The 85th is the cheapest, and smallest, and I love those things man.  All of them are amazing and you will not be disappointed.  The naturals are not as good to me, and if i wanted a natural smoke in that price range, would look elsewhere.

  To me, Padron makes the best maduro on the planet hands down.  No one can touch their wrapper, quality, and rich maduro profile of the 26/64/series.  So really...just buy one, and you probably won;t be disappointed lol.  A 64 is what got me hooked on cigars. 

Thanks for the replies guys! I was in Florida last week and came across Corona Cigar Company in Orlando. The place was like I had never seen since I am from California originally and now in Ohio. Once I saw the price differences, I couldn't wait till Father's Day to try one. I went with the 1964 Maduro even before I read what you guys had to say. The cigar was amazing to say the least! I bought my brother in law the natural and he had no complaints either. Definitely a great night smoking a great cigar. Again thanks for the input!

I went to Corona Cigar last year during IPCPR while I was in Orlando. It was a great shop and their selection is pretty amazing. I think you went with my favorite the 1964 Maduro. Have a great night!

3000 :)



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