Inner nerd coming out, picked this up today.

What's some of your other hobbies,interest etc.

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I honestly do not think I really have any hobbies.  Well, maybe finding new and fun ways to irritate people around me with my shenanigans.  

I love watching baseball, basketball, football and hockey.  I'm a big comic geek, but I don't read anymore.  So now I watch just about all the shows that are comic related, as well as the movies.  

I'm a gamer, but I do not currently play anything other than a mobile game these days.  That may change if I break down and finally buy an XBox One.  

I don't hunt or fish, but I love eating what comes from them both.  Other than that, I'm starting to feel like I'm filling out a profile on eHarmony, so I'm going to stop typing before this gets weird.  :P

Hobbies other than cigars...

Fly Fishing

Shooting - I was really into trap and skeet for a while. I also have a couple pistols and rifles.

Scotch/Bourbon, and other types of Whiskey.

Beer - I don't know many people who live in Portland and are not into craft beer at least a little. Our senator's re-election campaign was all about how he has helped out the craft beer industry in Oregon.

Brewing Beer - I've been getting more serious about this and am in the process of making the leap from extract brewing to all grain brewing.

Cars/Motorcycles - I previously owned a few motorcycles (Ducati) and am pretty into cars. Previously Top Gear, and now the Grand Tour is one of my favorite shows.

Computers and Video Games - Been building my own PC's for a very long time now.

Classic Video Games - I have a fun collection of old cartridge video games (Atari, Nintendo, Sega).

Vinyl Records - I have a modest collection of stuff I enjoy listening to.

Cooking things on my Traeger has turned into a bit of a hobby, but I mostly do it because I enjoy how the food tastes. One of these days I want to get a real wood smoker.

Damn... so that's why I never have any money :)

I pretty much dropped al hobbies but smoking cigars almost 14 years ago when I started coaching my girls in sports.  Mainly Softball and Basketball - with a couple odd soccer years in there.

Prior to that I golfed a lot and was down to a 4 handicap.  Did a lot of camping and fishing - replaced all that with softball tournaments!  

I have gotten more and more into the whole craft beer thing and flipping love it.  

Who knows, when the girls are gone (4.5 short years) I will probably start golfing again and travel to see them!

Oh, and cooking - really more of a passion that a hobby.  Love making my own bacon and pastrami - smoker, grill, kitchen - just love it all!

Playing Poker
Poker chips
Poker plastic playing cards
Craft beer and Belgian beer
Netflix bingeing
Cigar accessories
Newsboy/Ivy hats

Yeah man, I'm a total cliche when it comes to hobbies... I have way too many...

Hobbie #1 is making beer... I've got just over a year under my belt and I am completely addicted to it...

The rest, in no particular order: photography, action figure photography (had no idea this was a thing and I'm completely enthralled by it), movies and books, a few video games here and there but just the basic stuff

over the last few weeks my love for boxing has reemerged... been spending time smackin the heavy bag and doing some drills i've found on various youtube channels... 

i think that covers most of them...

Rob, action figure photography? You're not taking them out of the boxes are you? Lol
I collect vintage video games, consoles, and accesories. I mainly focus on early 8 bit stuff from Nintendo and

Oh very cool. What's your rarest or most treasured vintage game?

Movies I guess. But I'm getting away from that some. Indie films foreign films. I don't think I have enough free time for another hobby
Ohh and a little bit of Anime.



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