Inner nerd coming out, picked this up today.

What's some of your other hobbies,interest etc.

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Reading and New York Times crossword puzzles. I just got to meet the authors and picked up three books at the Humanities Texas book fair. I'm currently reading The General vs. The President by HW Brands about MacArthur and Truman at the onset of the Cold War. I don't normally read a lot of nonfiction, but I'm enjoying it.
Some of my favorite authors are Robert Harris, Michael Connelly, Mark Lawrence, Dan Mayland, John Le Carré (some), Lee Child for beach reading, James Ellroy, and I recently enjoyed books by Lisa Brackman, Patrick Dewitt, and Emily St. John Mandel. Oh, and I read every page of Bret Hart's autobiography as my guilty pleasure.
For the New York Times crossword puzzles, I can only do Monday through Wednesday without help, but I bought a year's subscription on the app and that has reveals, thankfully.
I also enjoy Premiership soccer, though I used to be a fanatic. The money involved, the diving, and the constant changing of players has tempered that. Though Leicester's win last season made that a moot point. I always have Premiership on when I'm doing dishes and often when I'm at the brick and mortar.
Boy I had to think about this one.
I haven't done a crossword puzzle in a really long time. I don't really read books, or for long periods of time anymore. Unless it is something I am really interested in, I become VERY relaxed (aka sleepy). There was a period in my early twenties I read a bit of history.
I like to smoke and collect cigars, and mess with you folks online!
I also like to drink and collect brews, and mess with you guys online.
I can be pretty good with a grill or smoker. I occasionally make BBQ sauce. I have picked up brewing beer.
College Football is HUGE in my household, and the back half of MLBaseball (162 games is too much).
I have collected many things over the years, baseball cards, Sports Illustrated, NASCAR stuff, sports programs and magazines, etc.
And I enjoy the occasional motorcycle ride, especially would like one now while looking at the snow. So if any of you dudes in warmer climates wants to take me on a motorcycle ride hit me up! Lol
Loved learning that, Jeremy.
I am enjoying this thread. I hope more folks put their two cents in.

Motorcycles and hiking.  We usually go to Mammoth Lakes/ Yosemite area when we have time.

I might have too many hobbies.

Mainly of course, Cigars.  Next is booze.  While it changes throughout the year, my order of preference is usually Scotch, Beer, Bourbon, Gin, Rum.

My other hobbies include video games, movies, TV(some people wouldn't consider TV or movies hobbies, but I spend a considerable amount of time discussing them), computery things, and food.

Tripp, a little off topic, but I have to give you some props! Jumping in on SOP and droppin knowledge. I believe you even know what you're talking about. Nice work

Thanks, MM.  I really appreciate that.  I'm having a lot of fun doing the show, but it's nice to know that others are enjoying watching/listening.

I find myself interested in anything that seems simple but when you dive into it, it can get complex. Cigars fits that bill but also tea, beer, HiFi, Video, and really all electronics. Then I have my more simple pleasures like off-road and rally racing and football.

I'm with Tripp, too many hobbies.

Photography (duh!), coffee, coffee roasting, scotch, movies, travel, food, cooking.

Music, movies, Video games

I do love my vidya games.



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