About 4 weeks ago I ordered some cigars from an online retailer -- I won't name names quite yet, since I yet maintain hope that this will get sorted out (rest assured, however, it is not the Cigar Federation Store). This isn't one of the big retailers, but it isn't a scam either (I've ordered once before and all went well). 

Ever since I placed the order, things have gone from bad to worse. Everything I ordered from the website was listed as being in stock. A few days went by after I placed the order, but I had heard nothing. So, I sent an email. Nothing. I called, and the gentleman I talked to told me to call back the next day. I did that, and I spoke to the owner. I was told that 2 of the 3 items I ordered were out of stock, one of them being no longer available. They offered to replace this product with some Liga Privada no. 9, to which I agreed. They sent me the Ligas and the other product they had in stock. The third product, they said, would be about a week. When I received the first part of the order, the Ligas were fine, but the other cigars were in terrible shape (dried out, cracked wrappers, etc). I called immediately. They said they would replace those cigars. That was 2 weeks ago now. 

So, if you are keeping track here is where we stood about 2 weeks ago now: ordered 3 items, 1 no longer available (replaced by Ligas), 1 sent to me in crap shape, and 1 back-ordered. 

I have reached out to this store twice since then. The first time they told me they are still waiting for the cigars to come in. The next time they did not respond (either to email or to phone). 

I am at a bit of a loss as to what to do next, and am asking my fellow fedheads for some advice: what would you do now? 

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Can you cancel your payment from your credit or debit card with your bank? This way you get your $ back, because you obviously didn't get what you paid for

I would have said (right away) I want a refund right now. That is what I did with Neptune Cigars. I ordered The Undercrown Flying Pig (they were in stock) and they took the money off my Visa. The next day they said that they were back-ordered and didnt have any in stock "sorry". I said I want a f****** refund. They sent me a refund 48hrs later. I told them that I am never ordering from them again. They told me that they think they were stolen out of the warehouse (I smell bs). Anyways with your situation I have had this happen with a few CC retailers until I found they best connection (on Earth) but never with an American retailer until Neptune. I wouldnt play their little game because they want the business so bad they will figure some s*** out, now that you have even just one stick from them they got you hooked lol sorry to hear Stefan.

Man, there's a mess. You can keep trying, but be ready to cut your losses. One problem? Honest mistake. Two problems? Bad day. Three problems and trouble contacting? Adios amigo.

Thanks for the input guys. If I can't get in touch with them tonight, I will just call my credit card and try to cancel the purchase. 

I went back and looked today, and everything I ordered still shows as in stock and available. 

Would you guys ever contact the manufacturers in a situation like this? 

Hell yes I would! You better believe it! I was on Neptune super fast when I found out they charged me for smokes they didn't even have in stock. What all did you order, might I ask?

Jericho Hill LBV, La Jugada habano, and LFD Cameroon lancero

Yea sorry bout that... one good thing is if you do cancel your order those smokes wont be hard to find. When Neptune screwed me it was a rare cigar so it pissed me off twice as much, I would scratch this retailer off your list. I myself dont hear to many problems with US online retailers its more of the international and CC's.

Update: I received notice that they were going to fulfill my order. Well, late last week I got an email that a package had shipped. According to the tracking # the package should arrive today. Will be interesting to see if they got the order correct. Fingers crossed (and won't be doing business with these folks ever again).

I hope those a** h**** get this right, should never be a problem when ordering from a retailer. I would never deal with them ever again even if they make things right.

Cigars arrived. Order was correct, and all the cigars appear to be in good shape. They threw in 1 extra La Jugada and a couple of their own house brand. Not gonna sneeze at free cigars, but at one point in this whole ordeal they promised to send me something else for free to make up for this mess. Oh well....never again will I deal with this retailer. Lesson learned. 

Good glad to hear (you got your cigars and you will never deal with them again). There are too many top notch retailers around the world, no use in going through a busted business. 

Sounds good. Glad the mess got sorted.



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