So, I'm all about new tastes, whether it is cigars, food, or beer. I'm curious what people's thoughts are on sour beers? I've come across these recently and want to try a few out without breaking the bank. Any suggestions? #Day8

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 I haven't had a ton of sours, but I've liked the ones I've had.  The New Belguim La Folie was a little too sour for my liking.  I had a pint of Barley Brown's Pallet Stapler sour IPA, which I really enjoyed.  Unfortunately, it's only available on-tap as far as I know, and I'm not sure how far outside of Oregon it actually makes it.

I almost picked up the New Belgium today, but went with the 4 pack of Destihl Brewery's Flanders Red.

Sours are amazing - I love them, but it is totally an acquired taste.

I'd suggest starting out with Rodenbach or Rodenbach Gran Cru which is like the standard bearer of sours.  Its a good, reliable starting point.  The Bruery makes some fantastic Sours, but they can get quite expensive - Sour in the Rye, Tart of Darkness, Rueuze.  Duchesse de Bourgogne is another standard that is pretty good. 

Then, depending on where you are located, there are some other great sours.  Russian River makes some fantastic sours, I hear, but they're predominantly in California and the Pacific North West so I can't verify because I've never had.  Westbrook Gose is supposed to be amazing, but I wasn't able to find it when I've been in South Carolina.

I saw one from The Bruery, but wasn't ready to drop $23 on my first one.  What about Lambics?  I was reading how they compare as well.

To be fair, Lambics and Sours are like Squares and Rectangles. Every Lambic is a Sour, but not every Sour is a Lambic.

Lambic is just a style of sour that, by definition, is made in Belgium by spontaneous fermentation.

I have not had a sour beer yet.....I just can't fathom making that face while trying to enjoy a beer lol


I've tried only a few actual sours (not counting the little sour hint you may get from a saison), but one that I actualy enjoyed was the Foeder Projekt #1 from Boulevard.  It was a very tasty "wild ale" sour with strong sour apple/cherry/grape flavors. Didn't really taste like beer, but more like a sweet/sour fruit wine. It was, however, a limited production, draft only, so no possibility of getting it anymore, but it did score a Beer Advocate 92.  I've had another from Blind Tiger brewing that I didn't really care for. I'd need to try more.



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