Stefan and I talked a little about a PNW herf around Olympia.  I figured a thread to discuss the details would help with the visibility.

I'm thinking early January would be a good time, and while Cigar Daddies in Lacey has a pretty fantastic lounge, I'm pretty sure that it's members only, except during events.

Anyone have a preference for date or location?

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I say so too.  Anyone want to call around and see who will let us smoke without a membership?

Any updates on a location?

WE ARE ON for this saturday, the 14th at Cigar Daddies!

 I just called, and the lounge is "members only", but you get a day pass if you buy 2 or more cigars, or pay $5 if you're a cheapass.  We should try to get there early, around 11-12, because there's a seahawks game at 1, so they're expecting to be pretty packed.


Please RSVP, because I don't want to drive up there and end up sitting by myself

Sorry. I'm out. I tried working around a bunch of stuff, but it won't work this Saturday. I could do next Sat.

I'm flexible. We can reschedule for another time if that will work better for most people.

Sounds like we should call it then.  We'll reschedule for an undetermined future date, because I won't be back in time for next weekend.

Sorry for the late reply. This week has been crazy, but as is my life right now. 

I can't do this weekend as my daughter has a B Ball game and I missed the first one already and want to see her "play" 

Would be up for another date. Didn't have her schedule when I gave this date the first time. 

Thanks so much for getting the location however. Sounds great. 

So, Tripp and I were just chatting in, well, chat, and I thought it might be good to see when everyone might be available in February. 

I know that I'm unavailable on the 18th and the 25th. Would either Feb 4 or Feb 11, at Cigar Daddies in Olympia, be a possibility for you guys? 

18th and 25th are out for me too.  4th?

If no one else can make it, do you want to meet up at Cigar Daddies on the 11th to trade some beers and cigars?

Yes. I'm down. What time? 



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