Stefan and I talked a little about a PNW herf around Olympia.  I figured a thread to discuss the details would help with the visibility.

I'm thinking early January would be a good time, and while Cigar Daddies in Lacey has a pretty fantastic lounge, I'm pretty sure that it's members only, except during events.

Anyone have a preference for date or location?

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Brown and Sons is in Olympia but I think their lounge is also members only. Smokey Joe's is a great spot but further north in Tacoma.

You guys don't want to come to the frosty Midwest?
I'd be willing to call one of the shops in Olympia to see if we could have it there. Maybe I can sweet talk em into it!

I like the idea of January.

Sounds fun. I can't do the first week and last weekend of Jan but am open the other weekends. 

Why does this state need to make it so hard to smoke? 

Options? All I did is Google so I don't know if they are what they appear.

January 14th or 21st would also work well for me.

14th works for me.  I'll be out of town on the 21st

I'm down.. Those dates work me too
I'm in for the 14th

I want to go to there

Are we on for the 14th then? If so when? I need to put it in my calendar or it ain't gonna happen for me. 

Sounds like we are officially doing this on January 14th to me.



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