Fred sent out the email today and is holding an impromptu contest. 

Tweet or email him back an addition to his "rider" list (see below).

Contest ends April 27th.

Prima Donna Training

It has been brought to my attention that I am a bit too "down to earth" for a cigar maker. They suggested that I get a bit more attitude and swagger.

Since this was not my objective when I started, and not something I was prepared for, I need some outside assistance.

I am starting with creating my "rider" for cigar events. For those not in the biz, a Rider is a simple list of things you want when you show up. Water, bagels, Snickers Bars. That sort of stuff.

Obviously I need to come up with some additional items to live up to Prima Donna status. So, here is what I am working on...

Orange Skittles in Champagne Flutes

White Tiger with Ruby Collar

Cupcakes no bigger than ½ inch with 1 ½ inch white frosting

Latest issue of whatever magazine mentions the Green Bay Packers


One fuzzy white kitten

1984 Meg Ryan

Hey! Impromptu Contest...

Email me something to add to the list (or Tweet). I will pick one winner for a Nomad Prize Package. Deadline: April 27th).

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