I'm sure I've posted about this cigar before, but forgive me for gushing again. This is real gem, and I'm glad I have a few left. Since they are gone, the trick now is picking and choosing when to smoke them. Hope everyone else is enjoying Friday night!

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I don't know if Fred even has any of these left :)

Oh yea he does....
You can still find these here and there.

I felt these need age, I smoked one 3 months ago and they still seemed a little young tasting IMO.

Well, there WERE those boxes that magically appeared in the Store not,long ago. Hmmm...

Yea I saw them in stock

Fred might have a few in his personal stash but the ones put up in the store a while back were from purchase when we saw the stock was running low. I know for a fact there is no more inventory of them, unless stores bought them before they sold out and still have them.

Young? The tobaccos used in this cigar were 3+ years old.

I love this cigar. Hands down the best one Nomad has done to date. I have a few singles and a unopened box left, which I plan on saving.

They are pretty good. IDK how much age the tobacco has all I am saying is that the final 1/3 tasted a touch green on the last 2 samples I smoked. I agree they are the best Nomad makes (that I have smoked). I have a single left that I am aging and will try quite a bit down the road.



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