Admittedly, when I saw this on the store it was a no brainer purchase for me. I really like the Draig C and Nomad's 1386 is an all time favorite. Burning through my second one since delivery last night. At $4 a stick I'll definitely be picking up more.

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I am really hoping that these are still around in a week, I blew my cigar budget for this week!

Yes sir! They will be a ongoing production, at least for the next several months.

Glad to hear that you like it brother. Frankly, it could have easily been released under any company at 8-10 bucks a cigar. Glad to hear that you like it. Make sure you review it on the store so we can spread the word!

NICE!  I'm glad to hear folks are enjoying these!  We've been working hard to get some boutique quality cigars in the store at an "everyday" price and it looks like we have a hit!  Enjoy bro and thanks for posting!



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