No corny title here. Just absolute SS craziness [updated]

I stepped out the door this morning after our typical frantic morning of getting ready, and saw a very large priority shipping box sitting there. I assume it was dropped off after we already came home and got the normal mail. I put it in the car and couldn't wait to open it at work. Unfortunately, I work an educational facility and no tobacco on property, so I had to open it in the car (thus no picture at the moment). 

I'm absolutely floored with this Secret Santa package. I will be posting a picture later of everything included, but I wanted to get this up to let me SS know that I've received it (since it landed yesterday). Thank you so much. This is unbelievable. I may have smoked basically my on "special cigar", but now have a TON more. Thanks.

And here it is:

Thanks again "Secret Santa"! 

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Happy Holiday Dave, Enjoy!

The work of a crazy man!

This is awesome man. Thanks again. These are all right in my wheelhouse, and really just want to smoke all of them asap. I had to clear the entire half of my humidor to make room for these. Maybe it's best I haven't sent out my SS yet. They can have everything else in my collection. 

Glad they made it safely, enjoy! and have a great Holiday!

Happy Holidays to you and your family as well. 


I am speechless

Just kinda dumped their left-over crap sticks on you, huh... :o

Yea...this is ridiculous!

My first thought was that this was from you.. But then I double-checked the address. Plus, no cc's ;)

Yea...I didn't join SS this year...this looks like a Shooter package for sure!


Unreal! He's the real Santa for sure!



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