No corny title here. Just absolute SS craziness [updated]

I stepped out the door this morning after our typical frantic morning of getting ready, and saw a very large priority shipping box sitting there. I assume it was dropped off after we already came home and got the normal mail. I put it in the car and couldn't wait to open it at work. Unfortunately, I work an educational facility and no tobacco on property, so I had to open it in the car (thus no picture at the moment). 

I'm absolutely floored with this Secret Santa package. I will be posting a picture later of everything included, but I wanted to get this up to let me SS know that I've received it (since it landed yesterday). Thank you so much. This is unbelievable. I may have smoked basically my on "special cigar", but now have a TON more. Thanks.

And here it is:

Thanks again "Secret Santa"! 

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Can't wait to see the picture.

Bump, picture added. It took me a half hour to rearrange my humidor to get these guys in there. I've only smoked a few of these before, so looking forward to all

Wow man just wow! Awesome gift brother enjoy!

Wow....Even a typed list.  Very cool indeed!

Wow is an understatement! Any idea who your SS is?

I really wasn't sure, when I saw it was from MA, but then was pointed towards Shooter. I believe he confirms that below. 

That may have been the REAL Santa Claus.  What an awesome package!

So basically you have your own cigar shop now... Nice inventory for sure.
Ho-lee smokes. That's a freaking gaggle of some of the best smokes out there. A gaggle.

A gaggle!




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