So here is another newbie to the blog site but not to the Cigar Federation store!!! My name is Gabriel Divone Jr. in live in Long Island, NY. Cigars was a hobby and now it's an obsession.

Favorite stick is an Oliva 'V' Belicoso

I like to do a lot of pairings with cigars as long as I have had it once before. Usually I am a water drinker the first time I have any cigar. My way of just tasting the cigar profile on it's own.

Within the next couple of weeks I will upload some photos of my humidor and the most recent smokes as well as the new ones.

Thanks and Long Ashes!!

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Yes, the CigFed store has a certain attraction, in that everything is good and nothing sucks.  Glad to have you!

Hey Gabriel - welcome to the Fed! Glad to finally have you join us!

Welcome Gabriel!  Happy to have you in The Federation!

Oliva V and Pairings?  You and Cigar Surgeon are gonna hit it off!  he never shuts up about the Oliva V and he hosts our Pairings show called Sharing Our Pairings

Again, welcome... I hope you stick around!

Thanks everyone. Cigar Federation website looks like an amazing sampler, It's got a little bit of everything!!

Welcome! Glad to have you join!

Welcome aboard. Look forward to the pairings and as Rob said, you will fit right in with Sharing our Pairing!



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