I'm not new to CigFed, but new to the forum. As some of you know, I have a website called 406cigars.com. I post weekly reviews there and on the FBook page called 406 Cigars. The website is mostly devoted to cigars that are available in Montana, but I also love to smoke many of the "boutiques" that are available online. I've been slacking a lot in the Fed Head community, but now I plan on rectifying that! You can find new reviews every Monday on the website, but I'll also try to post reviews here as well. Feedback is much appreciated, as are any likes/shares on the site or FBook. You can also follow me (for whatever reason you would follow a mountain-bred country boy) on Instagram (406_cigars), Twitter(406cigars), and Google +(Ian Winchester). Long ashes, fellas!

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Hey Ian - Welcome to the Fed!  What have you been enjoying lately?

Welcome brother! Glad to have you here!

Welcome!  I thought this was you http://www.kidcorona.com/

Hello Ian, welcome to the forum. Nice first review. Look forward to reading more. What cigars do you consider "go to" smokes.

Hey welcome!

No Harley, I'm not the whitest Mexican in the world. Lol hopefully I don't get sued...



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