hi i'm lena fron new york city,i have only tried cigars when offered to me by friends but now i'm going to go the distance and buy my own!i have been searching chesapeakecigar.com and found a new cigar coming out on january 24th by barry stein from brooklyn,new york. it's name is the kilo with a gold band around it!needless to say i will support him and try it!if you have any suggestions for a first time buyer please let me know,i am always open for comments!

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A CAO GOLD may be up your aisle... it has a creamy flavor that compliments coffee. Just one opinion of course.

thanks travis,i looked them up and i see cao also has mini"s , i'm not sure i'm quite ready to smoke a fat one in the morning,i'm looking forward to having drinks with it on my birthday but looking over all these cigars i think i may try it sooner than later,i'm turning 50 and i want to try something new,thanks for the brand advise.

Being a newbie myself, I don't have a lot of advice, but I will pass along these tidbits.  Try a lot of different sizes, shapes, and blends.  Take notes to narrow down the type of cigar you prefer.  Price is not an absolute indicator of quality.  Most important, smoke what you like.  Everyone's taste is different.  Because I like it doesn't mean you will, and vice versa.

thanks donald! i appreciate your advise, as a newbie female i have gotten comments like wow a female cigar smoker,i don't know any female cigar smoker's! none the less i am going to go as far as i can with it!




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