hi i'm lena fron new york city,i have only tried cigars when offered to me by friends but now i'm going to go the distance and buy my own!i have been searching chesapeakecigar.com and found a new cigar coming out on january 24th by barry stein from brooklyn,new york. it's name is the kilo with a gold band around it!needless to say i will support him and try it!if you have any suggestions for a first time buyer please let me know,i am always open for comments!

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Welcome Lena!  From what I hear, the Kilo is a FULL strength smoke, so be sure to eat a good meal before you smoke it!  Barry is one of my favorite people in the industry!  

If you're looking for a good beginners sampler, check out the 3-stick Crossfire sampler we have on sale.  The Connecticut is a really good smoke!  Nice and smooth with a creamy texture and just enough sweetness... there is a Corjo and Habano version in there as well.  It will give you a good idea what you can expect from the different wrappers! The box is pretty nice too!

what are some of the cigars you have smoked and enjoyed in the past?

Welcome to the Federation!


thank you robby,the crossfire is the first one i was looking at,and i did not know that you have to eat before you smoke a cigar,do you inhale?

It always helps to have something in your stomach before you smoke.  And you NEVER inhale a cigar!!! That is the quickest way to make yourself sick!

robby,i have only smoked store bought cigars when i didn't want a cigarette,now i want to indulge in the premium types only in small quantity to fill a 25-50 cigar humdor and i plan to have a corvoisier and cigar private affair for my birthday in december.

nice... they are a big step up from cigarettes IMO... you'd be well served to start with cigars that are in the mild to medium strength range... as you get more comfortable you can move up to the full strength stuff... I really think the Crossfire sampler is a good place to start... 

yes,the biggest step is price,the one's with the cutest names,the prettiest wrappers and the hardiest humidors or boxes are the most expensive,i have no guide as to taste so i'm just going to wing it, a friend of mine suggested macanudo and another suggested cherry flavored from the arthur avenue cigar shop in little italy the bronx. thats the local point of view, i want to keep in the know for exciting trendy new cigars and sample as many as i can.it's an adventure and so far a unique experience as i am guided through the process.


thanks for the welcome smokin logan!

Welcome Lena! If you have cigar shops in your area, and if they're doing their job right, they are a great resource, and can make good suggestions for beginners. When I started, not long ago by the way, I didn't know how to start and so I went big - found top 25 lists and tried only the highest rated cigars - and I had no idea what I was tasting. Not that it was a "bad" thing, but I spent a lot of big $ to have the "best" and couldn't tell one from the next, plus learned about the "inhale" thing the hard way! Bottom line, good idea asking questions around here (because everyone likes to help) and at your local shop. A good tobacconist WANTS to help you learn what you like.

Welcome aboard CigFed Lena! Glad you came here. It'll be a great way to get into this hobby. Wish I had found a place like this when I started smoking. :) I started by reading reviews and finding out what sounded like a good cigar. There are so many to choose from and until you really start to have a few, they are hard to tell apart from good and not so good. lol There is a lot of good info here, from many seasoned BOTL.

Food in the stomach is almost always a good idea, otherwise you can get a little sick feeling at minimum. So, don't smoke an Oliva Serie V on an empty stomach, that is not a good feeling....lol I agree with the Crossfire advice. I did some reviews on here last week for them. They are top notch, very tasty cigars and they are in a nice medium range. Doesn't hurt that they won't break the bank either. :)

My question for you is how do you like your coffee... Sounds odd... but for me I only drink a strong black coffee. CAO Gold pairs with it very well. And visit the brick and mortar stores... if their employees enjoy cigars then they will be enthusiastic in helping you find your flavor profile.

Depending on what time of day and activities planned my strength tolerance will change as well.

i like my coffee a little dark with 2 sugars preferably arabian or maxwell house.




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