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I hope everyone is having a great day.  After a couple months of putting The Cigarmy on the backburner for various personal reasons, I'm finally beginning to get back in the swing of things.  First up is a full revamp of the website - theme, interface, and....yes....even my review format.  I've posted up how my reviews will be scored going forward.  Give the criteria a runthrough if you get the chance and let me know if any of you fine folks see any glaring errors/omissions.  Thanks!


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More updates...and some gaps closed.  The review guidelines in the original post have evolved now, into something very close to what I think is the final.  In fact, it's now what I am going forward with until flaws come up to work themselves out.  So give them another read if you're so inclined.  ONE NOTE: They're fairly extensive at first glance.  I tend to be a bit verbose when writing.  Give it a chance.  Marinate in it.  I promise it's not nearly so complex as it appears on the surface.  Feedback is much appreciated.

Also, I have finally gotten around to organizing some pictures from past Fuente/Newman Dominican trips.  Feel free to peruse those as well.  You can FIND THEM HERE.  Thanks!

By the way I have been a reader of your site (most cigar blogs get my traffic). I am a huge cigar aficionado and love to read, learn, know whats going on in the market today. I am also a huge fan of cigar reviews, short or long doesn't matter. In my opinion I prefer the 100 point scale and a reasoning as well, let me know why you gave the cigar a 91 and explain. When I see a 9.1 it for some reason doesn't register the same way I have no idea why, just my personal preference and maybe it is from having subscriptions to 3 cigar mag's. Any ways thanks for letting us know about the changes and I look forward to reading your reviews. 

Done!  All based on a 100-point scale now!

I'm in 100% agreement, Charlie. The trouble so far has been the chosen theme. It deals in points or percentages. I needed to keep one to maintain the compliance. I think I have an idea to maintain that and make the result show on a 100 point scale. . I'll do some testing in the next day or so and see what happens.....

OK....DONE!  I updated everything from the stylesheet interpretations,  the guideline descriptions, and the whole shebang.  It all functions on a 100-point scale now.  URL is the same if you'd like to check it out.  The download for your own personal copy should be working as well.




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