Yo. Bunch of new releases have start dropping. I just saw the line extension of Moya Ruiz Civil Disobedience. 

I am not sure what I think about the branding with Gandhi, etc. but excited to try them.

What about you?

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Anything Illusione, Willy Herrera, or Roma Craft.

Nomad Fin de los Mundos 

Fratello Navetta

Espinosa Reggae

Anything from Black Label Trading Company / BLK WKS

Gandhi as a lancero is pretty legit, but could have been just as funny as a 6x60.

True but it would have been even better as a petite lancero.

Seems the new releases are just now starting to slowly come to press and I've only heard of a handful of them I'll be looking to CigFed and the others to bring me some info on all the cool stuff coming out.

 So far that new Fratello Navetta sounds good and I'm always looking to try whatever BLTC, Roma Craft, Drew Estate and Dunbarton Tobacco come out with.

Waiting to see if my cigar idol, Dion, puts out any new product this year. Otherwise, I've been under a rock most of the last 6 weeks, so I have no idea what to expect.

I haven't heard about anything he is doing. My guess would be he doesn't release anything since it seems he alternates years he puts something new out. Last year he went crazy with releases, so I guess this year will be light.

Why have you been under a rock?

I recall something about an undercrown sungrown....

From what Danny said, they are not doing those line extensions.

Mombacho Cosecha 2012... true vintage cigar... I've smoked it and you all should be very excited about it... just sayin :)

also, the new one from Saka with the art deco lettering on the band and the castle one from Nick...

You must use the hashtag #shamelessplug when talking about your company. New rule.

Souther Draw Jacobs Ladder tried one of the pre release at an event one of the strongest and best sticks I've had in a long time right up your alley



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