Hey everybody, first time posting here. Just a broke college student that somehow still has enough money to be a cigar nerd. Hope to get to know some of you ladies and gents.

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Welcome. And do we have ladies here? I don't know if I've seen a post. Wait maybe the MFCEO's wife posted once. But then again I'm rather new and a lazy poster.
Thanks man, gotta include the ladies just in case!

Oh for sure. Maybe we need to recruit some ladies. I think more people are on chat then this message board but I don't make it over there often. 

I'll go check it out, thanks! Hope everybody is having a good night
Welcome! Lots of good knowledge around here, and the chat is mostly chit chat about lots of different stuff by those of us trying to avoid working! Lol

Welcome brother!

Welcome, Brad! I also began my cigar journey in college. Some of my best memories are sitting in the tiny backyard space on our kitchen furniture with my roommate, trying new cigars and talking about pretty much anything. Being a cigar enthusiast led to meeting some great people and learning a lot, and these folks here are some of the best! 

Thanks guys! Looks like there are a lot of knowledgeable people here, Jeff. Always looking to learn more. Sounds like my college experience thus far! Good stuff!
Welcome Brad.

Welcome aboard, Brad!

Welcome aboard Brad!
Thank you everybody!



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