Hello everyone, 

I'm Duncan, and I moved to Round Rock, TX about a year ago. I've been a cigar enthusiast for about 2 years now. I found CigFed through my podcast app and enjoy listening to basically everything, especially Sharing Our Pairings and What Embargo. 

I decided to join because this seems to be a very unique and involved community for cigar lovers like myself. Excited to see how I can contribute and learn more.

Quick question: if anyone is in the Central Texas area, any recommendations on lounges, stores, or other cigar friendly places? 


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I was there recently, and Habana House North in north Austin is a fantastic shop.  One of the best stocked humidors I've seen in 10 years of wandering around in cigar shops.  A decent lounge as well.

Thanks for the info! I haven't been by there. I'll check it out. 

Welcome! Isn't Round Rock the home of our fearless leader? Do you know Logan?

I actually did not know he was in Round Rock! We haven't met yet. Perhaps now we will. 

Welcome to the Federation, Duncan!

Welcome aboard, Duncan!

Have you tried the Where to Smoke app? Helped me out when I was down in Laredo earlier this year . I hope it's ok to send you to another app.
I have not tried this, and it sounds great! Thanks for the info.
Hey there, Duncan
I live in Pflugerville, off Wells Branch, and I lived in Round Rock and Austin before that.
Tripp is dead on about Habana House North. Probably the best overall selection of smokes and a pleasant normal lounge. They overcharge for limited Opuses.
Pipe World in Round Rock has a very solid selection of smokes and for $10 a year you get 10% off the smokes. The folks there are knowledgable and the prices are excellent with limiteds at MSRP. They have a clearance box with 30% off smokes and you sometimes find some great stuff in there. They also get the Roma Craft limited items. They have limited Fuentes and other limiteds.
Heroes and Legacies has a great lounge, but its members only unless there's an event or you want to pay a lot for a day. Great selection. Very nice staff. And they have a bunch of tables outside shaded.
And by the by, Specs tends to carry Drew Estate at MSRP. That's where I find Piggies.

Round Rock, home of the MFCEO! And a place I regularly visit. Pipe World in La Frontera Village is the only place I have ever been to in Round Rock. The MFCEO's humidor is my usual place to pilfer. lol But, it's a nice place, a bit small, but has a nice selection.

Honestly, I do 99.9% of my cigar & cigar accessories buying at the CigFed Store anymore. Shameless, but 100% truthful plug. ;)

Lol I'll have to meet up with the MFCEO sometime then. Don't hesitate to reach out when you're in town. Pipe World is my go-to B&M right now, but I did just get my first order in from here. 1502 Lanceros were a good start. 

Thanks again! 

1502, great cigar. Lancero, great vitola. Yup. Those cigars are a win! The Ruby in a corona is legit too.



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