HI All

Heard about this site on cigar-coop and stogiegeeks.com, and had to check it out! Just finished listening to the episode of StogieGeeks where Logan and Rob were guests and really enjoyed it!

I look forward to checking the site out and maybe jumping on a member herf or 2.


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welcome man!  

Yeah, unfortunately StogieGeeks was struggling for guests that week!

Glad to have you here! Welcome!

Screw you Matt. We are prized guests.

Thanks man. Welcome to the site. What have you been smoking lately?

Padron x000 series, I had a Tat Capa Especial today that was pretty solid. EPC stuff (Short Run and E Stunner). La Aurora Preferido Emeralds. 

Hello all

Welcome aboard bro! You'll enjoy it here. :)

Welcome bro, some really great content to be had here!



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