To you who live in Chicago or have traveled in the windy city:

I will have two partial days in Chicago (April 25 and 29), and I need your advice on a few things. First, I probably have time to hit several cigar shops lounges, but I need to know which ones are *must* visit. Second, where do I eat (it doesn't need to be fancy; in fact, I want insight on local haunts that are must try). Third, my flight leaves early on Saturday the 30th, and I'm gonna need a hotel near the airport; any suggestions? Finally, what's the best way to navigate the city without a car?

Oh, and if any one wants to meet up for a cigar, I am available the 25th from 8 am to 3 pm, and Friday from about noon until, well, until my flight leaves on Saturday if need be. . 

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