The Cigarmy/HalfAshed Contest presented by Kip and Craig is right up some of your alley's.

  • Pick your best five cigar sampler for under $30.  This must include shipping.
  • The cigars must be available for any U.S. citizen to order – no deals that are limited to club memberships, etc.
  • Online shopping is allowed; if recommendation is from a local B&M, you may disregard sales tax….but the shop must allow phone/internet orders of the product.
  • Imaginary bonus points for any cigar on the list under $3/stick.
  • More imaginary bonus points if you can get 5 cigars for in your allotted budget.
  • Don’t just go find the cheapest cigar out there….they should be cigars you’d not only smoke, but would hand to a friend.  Remember, if you win it’s part of your prize :).

This winner will receive three prizes: 1.) Since I am totally in the dark with many of these cigars, you’ll receive a 5-pack of cigars I’ve been smoking lately…let’s say a L’atelier Surrogates Tramp Stamp, Casa Fernandez Miami, AKA Hybrid, Drew Estate Undercrown, and Room101 Daruma Mutante (all pictured below) 2.) Craig will order that best list and have it shipped to the winner, and 3.) the lighter pictured below, a Xikar Inpress in silver.

Deadline is next Saturday (July 12, 2014) at noon. To enter the giveaway either post your best list in the comments at this link, email Kip (kip(at), or post on the Half Ashed forum in the existing thread.

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Done and done! Thanks Matt!

(5 sticks, shipped, for under 26!)

Hmmm... I will have to research this :)

Is this based on MSRP or what you can typically get the cigar for?

Not really either - it has to be a legitimate sampler you can purchase for under $30 shipped.  If you have the best sampler, Craig will buy it for you.  So, its definitely not MSRP, and its not what you can typically get it for - its what you can get it for.  That counts discount codes and everything.

What you can get it for....and it has to be currently available (at showtime) at that price, because part of the prize is the 5-pack itself.  Craig will order the winning 5-pack for the person.

Mine's in. If anyone can do better than me...
Well... let me know, because I'm looking for a good deal :)



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