Man last week went by fast and I smoked quite a few good cigars. This week I will be taking a look at some new smokes and some old favorites. Starting tomorrow I will be smoking;

-La Flor Dominicana 1994 Robusto (the newest release from LFD for their 20th anniversary)

-Padron 1926 No.35 Madruo (probably my favorite Padron of all time, smoking the 50 Years next)

-Crux Passport Corona Extra (my first of this blend, I wont mention the Skeeterz I'm smoking because its the size of a cigarette)

-H. Upmann Connoisseur A (I just opened the box after 6 months in the humidor)

-Nomad 2012 LE Fugitive (this is a huge perfecto that Shooter sent me a few months back) 

That is what I will be smoking this week, what about you guys? Let me know you are smoking or your thoughts on any of these smokes.


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I smoked a Tatuaje La Verite 2009 today as well. I wanted to start off with something that I knew was a winner that wouldn't let me down, would last quite a while cause it's gameday and I'm watching football all day long, and something that I consider to be not that strong so I could get another smoke in a little later without the disappointment of my palate being fried and wasting a good stick. You put this in your top 3 Tat's of all time, interesting thought for me, as I have never really thought about it, but now it's on my mind. On quick thought I believe my favorite would be the Tat TAA 2012, and that's not a for sure thing as there are so many Tats I have enjoyed.

Tatuaje has been hit or miss for me...I think these TAA 2014's are going to be super good smokes, I have been stocking up on these, the 2012 was very good.

Ok, thanks for the heads up. I will let my Crux rest a little longer.



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