Man last week went by fast and I smoked quite a few good cigars. This week I will be taking a look at some new smokes and some old favorites. Starting tomorrow I will be smoking;

-La Flor Dominicana 1994 Robusto (the newest release from LFD for their 20th anniversary)

-Padron 1926 No.35 Madruo (probably my favorite Padron of all time, smoking the 50 Years next)

-Crux Passport Corona Extra (my first of this blend, I wont mention the Skeeterz I'm smoking because its the size of a cigarette)

-H. Upmann Connoisseur A (I just opened the box after 6 months in the humidor)

-Nomad 2012 LE Fugitive (this is a huge perfecto that Shooter sent me a few months back) 

That is what I will be smoking this week, what about you guys? Let me know you are smoking or your thoughts on any of these smokes.


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Very curious about the LFD 1994

Crux Passport

Nomad.........never heard of the LE Fugituve

So far this week I had the 

La Palina Classic Robusto....very nice, creamy and mild lunch break smoke, although I think it was a 56 rg, so it was a little bigger than I like.

Alec Bradley Prensado BP Robusto....had a very easy draw, good flavors, but I still like the Tempus best in the AB line.

Today I will have an 

Alec Bradley Vice

Surrogates Tramp Stamp (my fav Surrogate)

NIce! I'm not a AB fan, you dont want to hear what I think about their cigars :)

I am very curious about these LFD's too....Halfwheel gave them a 94 and The Cigar Authority a 93.For $6 cigar that celebrates their 20th is a deal. Im excited to have the Crux line right down the road, I hope they're good!

Yeah, you are lucky to have Crux so close to you

I know I'm stoked! they got the whole line it!

Let us know about the Passport and I will smoke one of the Classics this weekend. The Skeeterz was a good little pop for what it is.

I will Doc, I think I am going to smoke it this weekend becasue a buddy smoked one from the same shop and told me they need a little rest. So Saturday I will post and let ya know how KILLER they are!

Sounds like a plan. So, I will just respond to your post with my take on the Classic.

The draw, burn, ash, smoke, performance, and construction on the 1994 LFD were perfect/flawless/immaculate! The flavors weren't all the exciting but they were very enjoyable...nice sweetness, creamy, very very mild pepper though retro, earth, tangy cedar, citrus, and a hint of leather. Very good smoke but probably the best all around construction on a cigar this whole year, which is a breathe of fresh air considering the problems I have ran into lately. A must try! 

So I smoked the Padron No. 35 Maduro and I can tell you for certain that they never ever let you down. Always the perfect all around construction and that coco/spice that lasts for days on the palate. IMO these are a consistent 92+ cigar and are worth the $10, not to mention I love the 4x48 size its probably my favorite (rothschild, short corona exta, petit robusto).

Can't wait to finally smoke a killer cigar tonight, didn't get home til way late last night so I couldn't smoke a stogie. Havn't quite decided what I will be smoking yet.

Tonight I will be smoking the LFD 1994, I will post my thoughts in a few hours...Tomorrow I will be smoking the Passport Corona from Crux.

I "tried" smoking the Crux Passport Corona tonight and all I have to say is that it wasn't ready to be smoked. Of the 44rg 30 of it was a tunnel, hot, crispy burn.....bummer. If you have these let them rest for just a bit longer (regular production sticks) because mine needed something, I'm hoping it is rest. Anyways I smoked the Tatuaje La Verite Vintage 2009 and it was amazing like always, getting better/smoother with age, top 3 Tat's of all time!



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