Been busy so I missed a few days of posting my smokes for the week. Since the week is coming to a close and the weekend is coming up I will do a little more smoking. These are the cigars I will be smoking through out the next few days. 

-EPC Edicion Limitada 2010 (thanks Logan for hooking me up :)

-Montecristo #2 (Jan. 2008) (best Monte's Ive had, trying to savor this box)

-Jericho Hill .44s vs. Norteno Coronita (last week I compared the OBS/Corona Gorda)

-Tatuaje La Verite Vintange 2009 Robusto (this cigar smells like pure milk chocolate)

-Roma Intemperance BA Intrigue (my first of this little size, really enjoyed the AWS)

Let me know what you guys are smoking, if you know. And if you have smoked any of these give me your thoughts.


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First off I can say that the construction is so much better on the Jericho Hill compared to the Norteno, on all the sizes, the Norteno is a lot softer to the touch and you can tell contains less leafs of filler (for its size). On my last comparison I thought the OBS was way better in terms of price, construction, flavor and over all smoking experience. Now I am going to smoke the corona size....44s is $7 for a 5.5 x 44 and the Coronita is $9 for a 4 x 46.. already the Jericho is ahead.

Wow, now this is a helluva a lineup!!! I am green with envy that you have an 08' Monte!

C'mon Mickey I collect aged CC's..... I was saying that the 08's were probably the best Monte's I have ever smoked, better than some 90's ones I smoked.

I just know that 08' is like the mecca for cc's that and 01'

My oldest I believe is a 98 PSD4, but I only have one.....everything else is 12 & 13

From a collectors standpoint the best dates are '81-89, '91-97, '07-12...hopefully 2014 is going to be better than 2013. 1999-2005 were bad years for CC's, construction was bad and there were many plugged cigars coming off the island. Also the EL's didnt have 2 year aged tobacco in them yet (just the wrapper). I smoked 2 EL's from this years batch (2014) and they give me great hope that this is going to be a good year, I am very excited for the Reigonal smokes.

Interesting, I am not that versed in CC's yet, thanks for the insight

For sure...

The EPC 2010 was a very good cigar with flawless construction, draw, burn, ash, smoke production and performance. These are very hard to find now (thanks Logan for the sample) as they only made 1,000 boxes of 10 in 2010. A woody/spicy cigar that gained in complexity as the cigar progressed, not my favorite size (6x54) but a performer. 90/100.

Tonight I will be smoking my Jericho Hill 44s vs. the Norteno Coronita to do a comparison. About to smoke the Jericho now.

I have to say that the Norteno wins out this time (comparing to the Jericho) but damn was this little bugger a strong cigar. Huge flavors with out of this world spice/pepper on the palate and the retro (retrohaling was hard to pull off).    This was a great, strong cigar with nicotine content that was through the roof! One problem..the draw was very loose/open and the smoke production was crazy so it was an insane amount of smoke (under-filled). 91/100.



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