Since school is starting on the 22nd I figured this weekend would be a good one to get some quality smoking done. I have found that the fall term at the University I am attending is the busiest and most hectic. Starting today I will be smoking the following cigars over the weekend;

-Nica Rustica

-Liga L40

-La Palina Goldie Laguito Especial (Redux - IMO this is a 95/100 cigar)

-Juan Lopez Supreme ER Canada 2011 (Sep. 2011)

-CH Jericho Hill OBS (My first of robusto size, really liked the .44S)

-Tatuaje 7th Capa Especial Corona Gorda

Let me know if you guys have smokes planned for the weekend?  

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Weekend smokes for me...
My father CT
Las calaveras
Gotta decide between Jericho hill and viaje collaboration

I would go with the Jericho, probably my favorite non-Tatuaje to come out of the My Father factory. The only Viaje I have really enjoyed is the Leaded.

It will be my first Jericho if I go that way. Might be interesting to try the las calaveras beside the Jericho as well. The las calaveras is one of my current favorites.

They are alright but the Jericho is by far the better stick (imo). What size do you have? The corona has been my favorite so far....

I picked up a sampler pack at my B&M. All four sizes.

I've heard the same thing from people that the Jericho is better. Glad it's not limited release.

Yea that sampler pack is pretty nice for $25....Defiantly worth picking up. 

I smoked the Nica Rustica tonight (thanks Shooter) and is it ever rustic. Thick, rich, oily, chewy, chary smoke with deep flavors of earth, tar, berry, coco and smoked tobacco and spicy finish. The smoked dumped off the foot equal to or more than the Liga line but it was by no means any were up to par with any Liga. The construction was a little off and annoying in the first half but was solid in the second. An enjoyable cigar that is just a little to deep/dark flavor-wise with very low complexity. I would give this cigar a 86-87/100.

Tonight was the L40 and a Peach Kombucha (Invisible Alchemy) and if its possible to have a perfect cigar experience tonight was as close as they come. The draw, burn, ash, smoke production, temp, construction, performance were all flawless...couldnt have asked for better. The peach from the Kombucha went well with the stone fruit, spice, coco, sweet clove, plum, leather, licorice cream, and cedar. F$#@ all the hype and bs around DE thats not why I love this cigar so much, its just an amazing cigar and I never get tired of these. If I hadn't grabbed a box and 2 singles last week I would be ordering some from Atlantic right now, I suggest you do! I love how this cigar has the power and full body in the first half and the second is more fineness and subtlety. What a great medium-full cigar...always a consistant 94/100 for me.

I had to look up your peach drink...looks interesting

Agree on the of the best.

Yea since I am sober I dont drink alcohol with my cigars and the closest thing to it is Kombucha, and ever since I have been drinking it I found it to be a better pairing anyways. It doesn't drown out all the flavors and nuances of the cigar, its very mild (and very healthy). I would say the L40 is my favorite of all the Ligas and my favorite cigar from DE. 

So just when I thought a cigar couldn't get any better after last nights L40 I sparked up a La Palina Goldie. This years Goldie's are absolutely amazing, beautiful cigars in every aspect. The construction and over all performance is PERFECT! The complexities and transitions are out of this world with; gingerbread, smoked almonds, cream, smooth leather, citrus, cedar, and a w.pepper retro...the finish lasts for days. Medium-full body/medium strength, a great cigar that is a perfect cap to my last weekend of summer 2014. Easily a 95/100. I wish Maria Sierra rolled all my favorite blends, damn she can roll a lancero (Habanos needs her back!).  Pull the trigger on a box if you haven't already done so or are hesitant because they will be gone very soon.

I've got a 5er resting. After your review, I might have to break one out.

I've had one and thought it was good. Early in my cigar days though so I'm not sure my palette was developed enough.



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