This week is going to be a very good week for smoking..I will be smoking some new releases and some very special cigars (IMO). Starting tonight I will be smoking;

-Herrera Esteli Tienda Exclusiva Barrister (my 3rd)

-Herrera Esteli Norteno Coronita

-Padron Family Reserve 50 Years Maduro (Padron's brand new release)

-Tatuaje TAA 2014 

-La Flor de Cano Grandiosos RE Asia (July 2013)

I can tell you for certain that the HE Barrister is getting much better as I let them rest, a very good cigar worthy of "flavor bomb" status.

I would like to know what you all are smoking this week (if you know), happy smoking!


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I just got a five pack of the Norteno's

Yea I like the Coronita size for a short smoke, these have been hella strong (the 3 sizes I have tried). I am going to lay some to rest to see if they smooth out in a month.

Nice looking list indeed, I'd like to give another line from Willy a try.

I would say that the Tienda Exclusiva Barrister (pretty hard to find) are like a hybrid Liga/Undercrown. The Norteno is very good but the last one I smoked was very strong and it had a open draw (almost loose) so I got overwhelming amounts of super strong smoke. Tonight I will be smoking the little Coronita (4x46). 

Sounds like a fantastic lineup Charlie....never heard of the last one though

Its Cuban, a 5 1/2 x 52 (Edmundo size). Its a small brand (considered local in the CC market). A great aromatic/flavorful/medium-mild smoke.

Out of the 4 sizes of the Norteno I smoked the Coronita is BY FAR the best size I have smoked. What a great little pepper bomb, great flavors/complexities.



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