Just wanted to ask what everyone thought about the my uzi weighs a ton by drew estate? I got the oppurtunity to smoke the 7 inch last night, and unfortunatly I did not get much flavor out of the cigar. I also had problems with the draw, it was a very airy cigar. I am keeping in mind I paired it with a Oaked Arrogant Bastard Ale, and I feel like the beer might have overpowered the flavor in the cigar.

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The Uzi is a great cigar with a unique flavor. As the packaging states, it is a Medium Body smoke, not as powerful as one might expect. 
Anytime I smoke a new cigar (and I smoke a lot, it's my job) I don't try to pair it with anything, usually just water, or coffee, or a diet coke

The wrapper and binder is from Drew Estate, and the filler from Joya de Nicarauga. This combination results in a flavor that I have never found before. 
Also, I prefer the 5 or 6 x 60 as opposed to the 7 x60

The MUWAT is a good cigar I enjoyed it I still have a few from IPCPR they need some time to age though

Yea, smoking is my job as well, work in a cigar shop in Lubbock. Guess I'll have to give it another try to see if it can redeem itself.

This most recent batch may be a little fresh, letting them sit for a month or two might not be bad. 










































I love the MUWAT line! Of course, everybody's pallets are different. But I find the character and body of the smoke suit me very well. I usually smoke with coffee or a diet coke. I have only smoked the 6x60's in the line. I can't get enough of them. Very tasty.

I find the he UnderCrown line is lacking in flavor for me.

The Liga's by Drew Estate are outstanding as well.

All of these though- will set off the smoke alarms inside your house. Lots and Lots of smoke!








I liked it. I also didn't get a ton of flavor and you could probably get a better cigar @ the price...I wouldn't buy a box, but will smoke the singles when I see them...

I'm waiting to get my hands ona couple, haven't got to try it yet and its driving me nuts, good thing i got a few Undercrowns to hold me over...



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