2015 was the 3rd cigar year in a row I thought new releases were collectively better than any other year I could remember.  I've never had cigars I liked so much be so "low" on my list and I had some very good cigars outside the top 25 (another palate might prefer my 26-50 cigars over my top 25). 

Coming up with the order was a struggle and I'm still not completely confident with the order but here are my top 25.

1. L’atelier La Mission (toro/1989)
2. Matilde Oscura (toro bravo)
3. Roma Craft Neanderthal (HN)
4. Eiroa First 20 Years (Prensado)
5. LFD La Nox
6. Illusione ECCJ
7. L'atelier Cote D'or
8. Ezra Zion All My Exs (toro)
9. Camacho American Barrel Age (toro)
10. Room 101 MC 3 (Sucio)
11. Wilson Adams Mr. Wilson
12. Tat TAA 2015
13. D’crossier 512 (Hermosos No.2)
14. Padilla La Pilar (robusto)
15. Tatuaje Anarchy
16. Quesada 2015 Oktoberfest Nic. (Das Brauhas)
17. HVC Vieja Cosecha No. 2
18. LUJ Morpheus Anniv. 4th maduro (box pressed)
19. Avo Syncro (toro)
20. Crowned Heads La Imperiosa (double robusto)
21. Tatuaje Verocu (#3)
22. Buenaventura Pralines P460
23. Sobremesa (toro/El Amercicano)
24. Asylum Nyctophilia TAA (robusto)
25. Cuatro Cinco (toro)

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Of the ones in your list that I've had, the only one that I wouldn't put in my top 25 is the Dcrossier 512.  The 2 sticks I had just didn't do much for me.

Tripp, I had this cigar in top 5 some months ago but the cigars I smoked in the last few months didn't live up to the great 512s I smoked this summer...but I kept in the top 25 based on that 1st run of cigars I enjoyed so much.

Awesome list, Ky! A lot of smokes I need to check out, right there. Really enjoyed reading this. Can't believe you got to all of these! Impressive list, sir.
Thanks Sam. I don't plan on smoking many new cigars in 2016.
Glad to see the Buenaventura Pralines made it.
Had to include that one Sam!

LOL I'm apparently not with the times.  I've only smoked 10 of those, but they were all great!

10 is enough Doug. I won't be smoking so many new cigars in 2016. I plan to smoke what I know I like and just try an occasional new cigar.
I try not to go too crazy with new cigars and stick with the majority of my orders being ones I know I like.
Great list. Why no new cigars this year? I think I agree with your statement but want to hear your reason.

Thanks Logan.  I've grown weary of trying so many new cigars.  I'll still try new stuff that really gets my attention but I won't be anywhere near the 60+ new cigars I tried in 2015.

With so much out now that I love, I want to spend more time smoking those cigars I know I love and less time looking for a new cigar I hope to love.

I agree... trying to constantly scramble for "The New Shit" (as Red Ryan so aptly put it) is a pain, especially in my case with no shop to browse.  I'm ready to start just buying boxes of stuff I know I like.



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