Well the better half is across the pond so I'm taking full advantage of it while I can. My weekend went a little something like this...plus football, and I only ate because its a necessity to smoke.

Herrera Esteli Short Corona Gorda - They keep getting better as time goes by.

Liga Undercrown Corona Viva - I'll give it the benefit of the doubt this time around and say my palate was fried...I think it was and I didn't do much to cleanse it.

Tatuaje La Verite Vintage 2009 - Yes, they're still good, even better. I thought they would be but I also was thinking they might be going back down the hill at this point, not the case. #GODAWGS

Tatuaje Avion 12 - This is a fantastic smoke with a little strength to it, me likes.

Elogio LSV Limitado Salomon - This thing wow'd me. It wow'd me with flavors it delivered initially being that it was a mild smoke, then it wow'd me til the end with the flavors and how it went from a mild smoke to a full fledged full when I put it down.

Viaje Skull and Bones Little Boy 2013 - This is full everything. I thought I ate a decent amount before lighting this up. I haven't had this kind of buzz in a long time, and never had one like this without actually feeling sick. My whole body, especially my face has a numbing sensation. I think I'm fairly insensitive to retrohales but, one of them actually made the back of my head tingle along with quite the nose sting. It's a decent smoke in terms of flavor though its lacking in complexity. It's putting out LP loads of smoke. And what I wanna know is how a petite robusto burns as long as a Churchill, I've been smoking this for over 2 hours now.

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Nice....the 2009 Tat I smoked was a robusto, I bet that Churchill lasted for eeeever!

Yes it did, it lasted quite a while I know it was over the 2 hour mark but I can't remember how much longer after that.

Nice smokes.....I can't get into the S&B's I don't get any flavor out of them, just spice & power like the Cain Maduros and Oliva V's

I completely get what your saying. The S&B was a bunch of spice, pepper, and power. I think for me the spice n pepper notes had a subtleness to them behind the power, quite like how mild smokes can be with their flavors, only opposite. But I think I'm coming to appreciate that. As I was finishing up my notes it was like for me there was something there that wasn't actually there, and the word came to me. This cigar had a ton of charisma, like a not so hot hot chick.

Daaaaaaamn!  You really did take full advantage of your short bachalor-hood... nice choices... Love the the HE Lonsdale so much that I have tried only a few other sizes... I need to check the corona gorda... I finally got my hands on a few Elogio's at IPCPR this year... Catfish won't shut up about them and I hear great things for others, so I need to fire one up...  Looks like it was a good weekend!

I initially sought out the Excepcionales for its unique vitola and the Excentrico OR for its unique but practical shape. The Excentrico sparked my interest a bit but it was actually the Excepcionales that had me wanting to dig a little deeper into Elogio as though it couldn't perform worth a damn (I'm not exactly sure where the smoke was going if any at all) the flavors I was tasting was immense and I knew there was possible potential in the other lines. I would definitely recommend checking out some of their lines to see which one fits you.

What a stellar line-up. That Elogio Salomon is a fantastic cigar -- it takes you on quite the journey.



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