Rajesh, my delivery manager here in Chennai, got this ashtray for me. It is made out of Teak wood, which is apparently resistant to water and humidity. 

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very nice...except for the fact your cigar looks bigger than the ashtray...and it looks like it's only got a couple inches left :P

Love the designs on it though

Thanks. You are right it is way too small. I purchased a bad ass onyx marble one the other day. I want to take it out and snap a picture of it but it is already wrapped up for the flight back home. I just like that it is something cool to remind me of India.

That sounds badass. Yeah, most likely something that would be displayed. Or set on the desk to look pretty as opposed to normal usage.

That's pretty sharp Logan!
Oh wow I didn't really pay attention to the cigar. Yeah that is a tad small.



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