I've been away too long and I missed this place. Starting a marathon of my favorite TV comedy series and catching up on the forum talk. Name the series, characters pictured, and your favorite character on the show and I'll send you a 5-pack worthwhile. First come first served

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I only know because I Googled it, but I had no clue.

But, since no one else is playing, is it 'The Mighty Boosh' with Vince Noir and Howard Moon?

It is The Mighty Boosh, the ever popular "Old Gregg" skit on YouTube came
From this show. Low budget British comedy that was on Adult Swim for a while. Maybe you deserve that 5-pack just for the Google search and for kicking my ass in fantasy last week.

Hey!!! Matt cheated! That is weak!

Ya he probably could have given it 24 hours...but, did you know the answer?? The 5-pack would be worth the satisfaction of knowing that I am not the only one that enjoys the cheesy, low budget, Brit humor.

90% of all TV shows I watch are Brit-Com's.....I love British TV!

You deserve smoke. PM me

LOL My favorite all time is Last of the Summer Wine.

I just added you as a friend, Matt was the first to answer though.

Saturday/Sunday are very slow on CFED or you would have probably had 20 people reply to this post...

First, I never officially answered the question - Brett asked us to name our favorite character and since I never watched the show, I can't answer; thus, I can't win.

Second, I wouldn't provide my address even if Brett insisted. He already knows that! :P



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