Movie Pass #91 - "Tripp Finally Picked a Stumper"-Edition

As always a quick reminder on the rules

- Max of 2 guesses per person per 24 hours
- Min of 2 Hints by host per 24 hours
- Winner will receive pack of at least 4 cigars (no dog rockets)
- Winner will host the next round in a new thread
- No Google searches - CigFed Honor Code (FYI no second rate Yahoo searches either, and yes, IMDB is the worst kind of cheating)

Warning: this might be a tough one

Hint #1 - Released in the early half of the 1980's

Hint #2 - a cult classic in horror

Hint #3 - Released on only 85 screens, the same weekend as Amityville 3-D, and actually demolished Amityville 3-D in the weekend box office.

Hint #4 - Since Jeff M. guessed Friday the 13th, I'll say that it does have some similar themes to Ft13th

Hint #5 - Widely regarded as one of the most shocking twist endings for a horror movie

Hint #6 - The director has ONLY directed this film, and the 4th sequel, which was released in 2008

Hint #7 - Released in 1983

Hint #8

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Rocky Horror Picture Show

Nope, one of my favorites though.

My Bloody Valentine

No sir

Toxic Avenger

LOL the first TA and Class of Nukem High are my favortie Troma movies...hilarious 80s effects.

The movie shop where we used to rent movies after school had a cardboard display, complete with a real mop.

Haha that's awesome!

Motel Hell

no sir

The Shining? 

No sir



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