Movie Pass #91 - "Tripp Finally Picked a Stumper"-Edition

As always a quick reminder on the rules

- Max of 2 guesses per person per 24 hours
- Min of 2 Hints by host per 24 hours
- Winner will receive pack of at least 4 cigars (no dog rockets)
- Winner will host the next round in a new thread
- No Google searches - CigFed Honor Code (FYI no second rate Yahoo searches either, and yes, IMDB is the worst kind of cheating)

Warning: this might be a tough one

Hint #1 - Released in the early half of the 1980's

Hint #2 - a cult classic in horror

Hint #3 - Released on only 85 screens, the same weekend as Amityville 3-D, and actually demolished Amityville 3-D in the weekend box office.

Hint #4 - Since Jeff M. guessed Friday the 13th, I'll say that it does have some similar themes to Ft13th

Hint #5 - Widely regarded as one of the most shocking twist endings for a horror movie

Hint #6 - The director has ONLY directed this film, and the 4th sequel, which was released in 2008

Hint #7 - Released in 1983

Hint #8

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I'm gonna' say "Scanners"

Negative, good buddy.


no sir.

Buckaroo Bonzai across the 8th dimension.


Here is my second guess -

Swamp Thing

nah, son.

The Thing

Clue #3 made it harder!!!

Wow, Tripp! A Movie Pass that no one knows! This is awesome. I have no freaking clue. The Fly.

No sir!  If no one gets it in a few days, I'll post an image that will help...



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