Quick reminder on the rules

- Max of 2 guesses per person per 24 hours

- Min of 2 Hints by host per 24 hours

- Winner will receive pack of at least 4 cigars (no dog rockets)

- Winner will host the next round in a new thread

- No Google searches - CigFed Honor Code

Good Luck!

Hint # 1 - This film was released in 1979

Hint # 2 - The lead actor suffered a heartattack while on location

Hint #3 - The movie grossed an estimated $31,500,000

Hint #4 - There are four different treatments of the end credits, all four are available in different VHS, laserdisc, DVD and TV prints of the film

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I know this! No one should get it this fast though 

I'm going to stay out of this one, since I just won one, but I think I know 

Congrats we have a winner! Thanks for keeping the cigfed code! Please provide me with your preferred mailing address

Yep, I knew it, glad I stayed out of it......Congrats!



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