i have to say i am no longer a cigar virgin, i had the help and encouragement of you guys here at the cigar federation and i thank you! i am so happy my selection of cognac cigars is my first they are mild,not as harsh as a cigarrillo. my first time using the punch,i did good,not too deep. i sniffed the cigar and found a light tobacco aroma,i was expecting for it to smell like liquor.i used a wooden match to light it because i didn't get enough butane fluid in the lighter and it went out.i made sure i rotated it to light it evenly taking small puffs as i went along.i must tell you holding the 50ring cigar in my mouth was a pleasure and the aroma was teasingly pleasant ,so much so i let the smoke go up my nose.after the first third i questioned what i was supposed to taste ,no hay,earth,or chocolate just sweet swirly tobacco.i enjoyed it! it was a cake walk and i'm ready to do it again!

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Sounds awesome, Lena.  Glad we could help you with your first experience - first of many!

Nice job Lena! I'm glad we could help! Infused cigars won't have the same flavor notes as non-infused, so I'm not surprised about only tasting sweet tobacco. Sounds about right. And don't worry, it will only get easier and more exciting. :)

i think it can be more exciting,i've been asked to take an explicit photo smoking a cigar! what have i done? i posted my pics on facebook and got positive feedback. next on my agenda is to visit a cigar room in brooklyn!



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