Just a heads up, my wife's position at the college we work at was cut today due to budget concerns, so after her 2 weeks severance, we're down about 2/3 of our income for now. If I vanish from chat a bit, I'm not dead, just busy.

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Wishing you and your wife all the best, Jared.

Damn, Jared.  Sorry to hear it.

Damn, that sucks.  I wish you guys the best and hope she's able to find something quickly, so the strain is minimal on your family.

Actually not sure how upset I am. Her boss was an incompetent, unqualified, bullying bitch. My wife will be finished with her PhD in a year-ish, and we have a pretty wide support system from family. Plus I have a cooler full of cigars and a cooler+ full of beer. We can hold out for quite a while :D

That a boy! Stay strong, the next job for your wife will be the best one yet. Keep your head up sir

great attitude!  you know you have all of us in your corner!

That's the spirit
Jared, let us know if you're in need of cigars. I know you didn't ask, but just FYI. Hope it all works out. I had a similar situation this October with my wife (she resigned).

I'll second Sam's offer. Let us know if you want/need cigars. We've all dealt with rough spots before. Don't be shy about reaching out in your time of need.

The thought is much appreciated, but at the rate I smoke, I've got a 2-3 year supply. I just figure, misery loves company, so to speak. My wife is feeling like she screwed up though, so she's feeling much worse than I am. However, we're both "work the problem" kind of people, so sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves really isn't in our nature. We keep chopping wood.

Great attitude, Jared! I'll continue to keep you and your wife in my thoughts and prayers.

In the long run, I think it's generally much better not to work under really difficult bosses. Those situations do not improve, and sometimes we need an impetus to get out of that kind of situation. I wish her luck. I will also say that my wife struggled to relax during her time out, and it took her a while to get into the swing of things when she went back to work in February. So, patience is a virtue for the other spouse. For what it's worth.



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