So lets get some more action going on around here! How better than a cigar pass! Since I am a little unoriginal I am using 007's format from last November. I have already chosen seven cigars to start the pass with and have them ready to go. I will keep an updated list below and when we have 10 participants, I will create a shipping order and have it out. If we cant get the spots filled in quickly I will have the package out by 11/10/2014.


1. Respond to this post that you want in.

2. Email or message me your shipping address, so I can start the order ASAP.

3. When you receive the box:

  • Take no more than three (3) cigars and replace AT LEAST as many as you take.
  • For each cigar you 'Take' you should 'Put' back a cigar of equal or greater value. "Example: You 'Take' two cigar with a $7 & $10 MSRP. You should 'Put' back at least one cigar with a $7 MSRP and one with a $10 MSRP. Basically even trading or better. i.e. Don't take a $10 cigar and 'Put' five $2 seconds or something like that. 
  •  Make sure the cigars are safely packaged, the humi pack is good & the box is solid.
  •  Please repackage & replace humi packs if necessary.
  •  in the box should be an address to the next person on the list.
  •  Simply, address the package to the person after you on the list.
  •  Lastly, PLEASE make sure to do all this in a timely manner. Don't want to have these cigars floating around in a box too long. ;)

4. When you ship the box email me exactly what you took and what you put, so I can keep a running list of the cigars. Also, make a reply to this post with the tracking number and carrier (I imagine we will al use USPS) so the next person in line can know when to expect the box.

5. If, for any reason, you are not going to be around when you might be next, let me know ASAP and I will reroute the box, so it doesn't get left sitting around or lost.

The Order:

  1. Craig of @CitrusWalkCC
  2. Atllogix
  3. Corey Zerbe
  4. Donald Kozerow
  5. Mickey Irratebass
  6. Janis Klavins
  7. Jared Grillot
  8. cmbrose
  9. Charlie

We have our 10! Here is the List,

Herrea Esteli Lancero, Crowned Heads Mason Dixon Southern Edition, Surrogates Animal Cracker, AKA Nth, Fratello Toro, Barabbas by Cuba Rica, Balmoral Anejo 18. Enjoy!

It is currently on it's way to Craig USPS #9114999944238410786949. I am still waiting for one more address. As it stands right now it will go from Craig to Atllogix.

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I don't see an updated list of in and out....

Alright. I'll be keeping a lookout for it.



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