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Launched in France in 1995, this brand currently consists of three brands.  Named after the founder. Distributed primarily outside the U.S. until the last 2+ years when Gabriel Alvarez acted as U.S. Director of Sales.  Gabriel resigned from Maya Selva Cigars in September of 2016.


Their brands -

  • Flor de Selva - made in Honduras, Connecticut and Maduro wrappers

  • Cumpay - Nicaraguan puro, launched in 1999

  • Villa Zamorano - made in Honduras, brand created in 2002.  Includes a new ‘Reserva’ line introduced in Europe in 2016 and scheduled to appear in the United States in 2018.

Here is the interview with Gabriel at  the 2016 IPCPR.

The most recent Cigar Chat featuring Maya Selva Cigars

Give them a try and post up your thoughts as a reply to this message.

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Flor de Selva Maduro Robusto

While the construction on this was very good, I can't say the flavor did much for me.  That may have been my fault for pairing with a gin & tonic, but I've done that successfully with many cigars in the past.  It did get better when I switched to Glenmorangie Lasanta.  

I would try this one again, starting with water and moving to either Scotch whisky or coffee.  I think either would have produced a better result.

Courtesy of Stefan, I tried the Flor de Selva lancero No. 20 today. This was quite nice and I found the blend was excellent for the vitola. Some nice complexity and flavors of cedar, spice, nougat, and some cream moved in and out throughout. It was especially cedary in the final third. Overall I would recommend it! Thanks to Stefan for letting me get in on this month's SOTM!

Oh yeah please ignore the fish/dirt hands. 


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