Well, its time for the 3rd Annual So Cal BBQ Herf!

May 24

10 AM til 8 PM (or whenever)

Norco, CA

If you've been to the past BBQ Herfs then you know that you wont leave with an empty stomach. This is an all day event. Plenty of drinks, food, and cigars. Have a friend? Bring 'em. Have a spouse? Bring 'em.

As in the past, this will be held at my house in Norco. It is somewhat of a ranch style house with horses on the property as well as two dogs that love to be attention whores. So, if you're scared of dirt and/or can't be around dogs then this probably wont be the venue for you. :)

I would imagine that like the previous years my wife will cook WAAAAAYYYY more than need be and bust out a bunch of appetizers. I'll be smoking a tri-tip and pulled pork. There will also be a fridge full of beer, soda, water as well as a bottle or two of scotch. If you're early then partake in some coffee and an AM stick if ya want. With that said, DO NOT feel as though you have to bring anything. If you want to, great bring whatever ya want. But everything will be taken care of.

Oh, and I have a few beers that I brewered. So, as long as they don't suck I'll have those there too.... unless they are really good... then they might not make it til then! 

Also, this is an outside event (no smoking in the house), but there is will be the enclosed patio available for shade with a table and chairs in there as well as plenty of seats outside. Have a fold out chair? Bring it with ya. :)

Alright. I'm not posting my address on the open interwebs. So, if you're going then RSVP and PM me and I'll shoot ya over the address.

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Wish I could make this. Looks like a hell of a good time.



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